Imagine a disinfectant more powerful than bleach...


Imagine 99.9999% sterilising effectiveness
in just 15


Imagine if it was safe enough it can be used to treat drinking water...


Imagine the possibilities...


Stop imagining; meet...


STERI-7 HALO delivers far greater disinfecting power

Better than hypochlorite or peracetic acid, exceptionally rapid in action enabling effective sanitising with
low contact times against pathogens such as E. coli Botrytis, Campylobacter jejuni, Salmonella, Listeria, Shigella, Staphylococcus and spore based pathogens
such as C. difficile


– Skin neutral pH

– Non-irritant

– No COSHH implications


in comparison, Peracetic acid, used widely in the
food processing sector, is a know irritant and requires caution whilst handling


Increases food safety - extends the shelf life
of fresh produce

Spraying STERI-7 HALO significantly reduces
surface micro-organisms, at lower concentrations
of equivalent treatments of hyprochlorite


Fogging Fluid

Specially formulated to achieve surface and air bourne disinfection - doesn’t require rooms to be sealed or removed from use for long periods of time


Sanitising Fluid

Achieves decontamination in CIP, tank cleaning,
and bottle rinsing applications etc


– Environmentally friendly

– Biodegradeable

– No animal testing


STERI-7 HALO is ecologically responsible


Independently tested
at the UK’s most
respected laboratories

STERI-7 HALO is effective against all pathogens
and kills 99.9999% of even the most resilient
spores in less than 15 seconds

99.9999% sterilising effectiveness in just
15 seconds

In the food industry where hygiene is critical
and speed of sterilisation is vital for efficiency,
STERI-7 HALO is a revolution


Based upon a unique stable active halogen technology

STERI-7 HALO is a chemically manufactured replica of the solution made by the humans immune system to fight infection and destroy the DNA and RNA of pathogens, preventing them from ‘learning’ the chemistry and becoming immune to it.