Only STERI-7 offers you MASSIVELY improved biosecurity WITH HUGE cost savings


After 4 years in development, 2 years of which being successfully used by one of the largest supermarkets in the UK, STERI-7 XTRA has PROVEN to give superior performance to their existing processes.


Working in close collaboration with a partner, STERI-7 has introduced a tray washing processes which no longer depends on high temperatures, caustic chemicals or wash cycle dwell times.


Biosecurity is an integral part of the distribution chain and extends into all retail premises and even into

end-user outlets. The use of returnable and re-usable crates for delivery is seen universally as the link in the chain that is important in protecting and maintaining

full Biosecurity.


Historically the performance of tray washing machines has been reliant on the use of high temperatures together with caustic or highly toxic chemicals to achieve the necessary cleaning performances and disinfection standards that the grocery industry demands. However, the high temperatures and the chemicals widely used cannot be described as environmentally friendly also handling caustic chemicals and working with high temperatures in tray-wash facilities presents health and safety risks to employees.


  • Our low-foaming STERI-7 XTRA is PROVEN to work in temperatures as low as 4oc
  • STERI-7 XTRA not only kills bacteria viruses spores and moulds during the washing process but STERI-7’s Reactive Barrier Technology continues to prevent re-colonisation during storage.
  • STERI-7 XTRA assists operators in complying with the legal and regulatory aspects of food and water safety.
  • STERI-7 XTRA extends the life of existing machines and future reductions in tray wash machine capital spends.


The considerable reductions in temperature reduces energy usage and cost. Gas consumption is

dramatically reduced with a resultant impact on carbon emissions and the high cost associated with maintaining machine gas burners.


The environmental benefits of reduced energy usage, fewer carbon emissions and water savings, together with the human and commercial benefits of improved food safety and significant cost savings undeniably makes STERI-7 XTRA the future in Biosecurity.



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