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I am a doctor, so I am very much aware of the menace to health of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.


And as someone who has worked closely with thoroughbred horses for many years, I also know how important it is to keep these amazing creatures as protected as I am able against some of the more virulent pathogens.


The average stable can be a breeding ground for everything from Aspergillus Niger, to Strangles, Parvovirus and Equine Herpes. That’s why STERI-7 Equine is such a useful tool in maintaining the health and welfare of the charges under
my care.


Anything that can quickly kill 99.9999% of these pathogens is a major benefit to me and my team at Claines. I’ve always been careful to keep my stables, yard and tack as clean and hygienic as possible and STERI-7 certainly fulfils and assists in achieving that goal.


I’ve had Cheltenham winners and now a Grand National winner, so we have to be doubly sure and that reassurance, for me, comes with using STERI-7 Equine.


Dr Richard Newland - Racehorse Trainer



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a success for Dr Newland




DEFRA General Orders approved.

Nominated for Trophees Innovation at Salon Du Cheval De Paris 2014.

Nominated for Equine  Innovation Award at Equitana 2015, Germany.

The recent introduction of DEFRA GO approved STERI-7 XTRA High Level Surface Disinfectant Cleaner to the Equine Industry signals the end of most harmful Viruses, Spores, Moulds and Bacteria. This will help all Equine professionals who are looking for that one product, which will help provide a clean, safe environment for their horses and ultimately “Peace of Mind”.


STERI-7 XTRA High Level Surface Disinfectant Cleaner for Equine is one of the most advanced disinfectant cleaners to be introduced into the Equine marketplace and is the only product that has been independently tested (Irish Equine Centre) and proven to remain active for 14 days after application.


This is because of an innovation called Reactive Barrier Technology, which allows STERI-7 to provide double protection against germs. When applied to a Stable wall, floor or door, all tack and even rugs and blankets, the biocide in STERI-7 kills the germs present. At the same time, a lasting barrier is created that ensures that germs subsequently introduced to it will also be killed, just as effectively 24/7.


STERI-7 has been used as an integral part of Biosecurity procedures at some of the world’s top racing yards and prestigious stud farms.


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