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STERI–7 XTRA Ultra is a proven high level hospital/surgical grade disinfectant for fast, safe and effective decontamination of medical instruments and equipment. Most importantly STERI-7 XTRA Ultra utilises the optional sustained release system - Reactive Barrier Technology.


This unique innovation allows STERI-7 XTRA Ultra to provide double protection against infection and contamination where needed. When applied, it kills 99.9999% of the most commonly isolated micro organisms within seconds. If left to dry the Reactive Barrier is created and ensures that any germs subsequently introduced to it will also be killed just as effectively 24/7. Simply rinse off while wet if not required.


With proven efficacy against a wide range of opportunistic and pathogenic bacteria and viruses, STERI–7 XTRA Ultra is available in a range of formats and sizes, as either ready to use disinfectants or in concentrated bottles, as well as personal care products, catering for dentists, vets, hospitals a laboratory environment.


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STERI-7 XTRA Ultra is a high-level, broad-spectrum disinfectant specially developed for use in areas such as Clean Rooms and Laboratories and is manufactured to ISO 13485 standards for use on sensitive and delicate surgical instruments including heat labile endoscopes.


When applied, STERI-7 XTRA Ultra will kill pathogens present up to 99.9999% on surfaces within minutes. It can be used in both endoscope re-processor machines and open tank troughs. Tests conducted by independent laboratories and leading endoscope manufacturers prove that STERI-7 XTRA Ultra will not harm either the sensitive instruments nor the machines used to sterilise them.


STERI-7 XTRA Ultra contains none of the harmful characteristics of Glutaraldehydes, Phenols, Chlorine or Peracetic Acid found in other disinfectants and in fact is 100% organic, and safe on most fabrics, soft metals and surfaces.