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I’ve got two children; one of each. Miley is five and Tom, four. They’re right little monsters for the dirt. Tom is always eating stuff off the floor and Miley’s at her happiest up to her neck in mud.


But it’s always been like that with kids. My Mum says I was the same so I’m not bothered about dirt as such. It’s the other stuff really, the germs and bacteria that bother me. And they seem to be a lot nastier than when I was little. So I wash the children’s hands and mine as much as I can.


I started using hand gels and wipes as well, but then
a mum at Tom’s nursery put me onto STERI-7.


It kills 99.9999% of germs. That’s a lot better than the 99.99% the others give you.


We have STERI-7 XTRA Hand Wash in the kitchen and bathroom and I keep a packet of STERI-7 XTRA Wipes
and a STERI-7 XTRA Hand Rub in my handbag for when we’re out and about.


I can’t keep my kids squeaky clean, wouldn’t
want to, but I can try and keep them safe.


STERI-7 gives me peace of mind.


Mrs Laura Mallory. 29.



Read on to find out more about STERI-7
and why it’s perfect for mums like Laura.


STERI-7 XTRA Biocidal Hand Rub, Hand Wash and Wipes are powerful weapons in the constant battle against germs, micro-organisms and pathogens.


They are critical to the STERI-7 philosophy of BREAK, TREAT, PREVENT. Used regularly, they help BREAK the
chain of infection often found in everyday life, TREAT
the pathogens by killing them and PREVENT them reappearing through the unique STERI-7 Reactive Barrier Technology.


STERI-7 XTRA Hand Wash brings an extraordinarily high-level of hygienic protection to your home. Dermatologically tested and classed as non-irritant, it is gentle on the skin yet so potent it kills Clostridium Difficile spores, Flu virus, MRSA and many other harmful pathogens.


STERI-7 XTRA Hand Rub and STERI-7 XTRA Wipes are perfect in situations where water is not available and like the Hand Wash they also eliminate E.Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, H1N1, MRSA and C.Diff in seconds.


And thanks to STERI-7's Reactive Barrier Technology, STERI-7 XTRA Hand Rub and Wash will protect you for up to three hours after they’re used.


STERI-7 XTRA Hand Rub and Wash are 100% organic, non-perfumed and designed to re-moisturise the skin after use.


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